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Monday, August 31, 2009

Isaac S.

Hi this is my blog and I am a fifth grader at Manor Hill. I am 10 years old almost 11. The books I enjoy are fantasy and books about animals. I am currently reading a book called The Dark Hills Divide it`s an awesome book. I also love playing video games and my favorite video game is a video game called Devil may cry. My favorite sport is baseball and volleyball anyway I love reading it`s probably my favorite thing in my classroom. I think readings important but not my life. Lots of other people love reading to and some people just plain hate it and some other people it`s their whole life to read. You can learn stuff from reading and some books are just for fun but I know that if I read a learning book then I’ll get bored out of my life so I like to read books that aren’t learning books. All the books I like are The Dark Hills Divide, The Big One Oh, and the tale of desperaux, and the last one a book called Bone out from bone Ville. The books I want to read are the night of the howling dogs. And that’s all I can think of. Well I hope you enjoyed reading my reading blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recomend you read a book called deep dark and dangerous it`s awsome.

2:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks isaac i been wanting to read that book

2:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A book my class has been reading is called the big one-oh it`s a terribal a book.the charicters name is charlie,garry quarky,and lorina.

isaac scobee.

2:34 PM


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