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Monday, August 31, 2009

Abbey F.

Hi! Thank you for looking at my blog. I think I’m one of the best readers in the class. Here’s a little something about me as a reader. I love a lot of different kinds of books but, science fiction I like it but I don’t love it. My favorite authors are Mary Downing Hahn, The authors of The Royal diaries, Dean Pitchford. Anyways when I am not reading I love to play softball, basketball and going to play a violin. A couple books I am reading Black Beauty , The Royal Diaries, Wait Till Helen Comes and Deep and dark and dangerous by Mary Downing Hahn! I hope you tell your friends about it! Come look again soon!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Thanks for looking at my coments! I am reading different books like Deep and Dark and Danegours,The Royal diaries The Great jounery in Russia 1743 or 1745 and wait till Helen Comes. Well that is it well bye.-Abbey

3:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! Well in my class we just fished a book called The Big one oh. This book I just love the book when we started I thought that I wouldn't like it but now I love this book! It is about this kid named Charle maplewood and his 10th birthday is coming and he doesn't know what he is going to do for his birthday and the whole book is about how he jounery to planning his birthday.But I can't tell you the rest but I think you will like the book.-Abbey.F

2:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey it's Abbey well I'm reading different books now they're called: Princess Academy by:Shannon Hale,ZooBreak By:Gordon Korman,A friendship For Today By:Patricia C. Mckissack,Emmy and The Home For Troubled Girls By: Lynne Jonell and art By Jonathan Bean,The Royal Diaries,Isabel,Jewel of castilla Spain,1466 By:Carolyn Meyer.Those are all the books I'm reading and if you like fansty books the Princess Academy and The Royal Diaries.But if you like animal books or mystery books you will like swindle and Zoobreak they are a series together.If you like Adventure books you will likes Emmy and the home for Troubled Girls. But the friendship for today I don't know what kind of book that is.So if you have any qusetions about the types of books you like just blog to me.-Abbey.F

1:50 PM


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