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Monday, August 31, 2009

Ashli G.

I don’t like to read much but this are some of the books that I like No talking, Friend ship for today, the sisters 8, Dip dark and dangerous, Harry Potter, The garden of eve, Eel and chanted, and Night of the haling dogs. What I like to do away form school is bike riding, dance, and volleyball. I’m looking for word into reading work shop is having more time to are wonderful books. But one thing that I learned is reading is your life. You can learn stuff out your whole life gut by reading. What I like to read is the big one o, baby sitting, vain pear books, and jock books.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the big one oh I thought it was the best book that I read because it had a supris at the end.

2:31 PM


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