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Monday, August 31, 2009

Aaron D.

i like to go fishing my favorite friends are Austin, and scott,.i like to fish a lot. my favorite thing to do is read. I like to read when nobody is home I like to read and escape from life. it is nice to have a break especially if you have school. It is fun when I get home I usually read a book . it is nice when you are home where you are a lone. I am reading the book named dragons breath haven't started it yet but it looks very good and I am readiread it I am anxious to read it I can't wait to read it when I get home I am reading it . And I just got done with pyramid of cheese it was a good book I liked it.thank you for looking at my blog by aaron!

Ty C.

I LOVE car books and books about states. Sometimes I like to go to my room and read. I like car books because I learn new stuff about cars. When I grow up I want to make my own car business. I am reading a book called Avi. It’s about this boy and his pa dies in the war and tom just needs more money so he can buy himself a newspaper.

Jerr B.

I’m not the best reader but I like it. My favorite book series are Bleach, Naruto, Goosebumps. The book I’m reading is Goosebumps say cheese and die. I like to read Goosebumps because they are scary. I like to play basketball, baseball but I like to read. Books I like are city of ember.

Brittany C.

Hi my name is Brittany, and I am in fifth grade. I love to play softball and I am good at math, science, and social studies. The book I am currently reading is The secret of castle cant. I like mystery books, ghosts books, and books about pigs. My favorite animals are pigs, gorillas, and elephants. I want to improve on reading .What I need to improve on is I need to understand what I am reading. People say I am kind, loving. My favorite colors are blue and black. My favorite food is pizza. I am good at sports. I love camping, drawing, and fishing. And my favorite numbers are2, 3, and 5.And I want be a veterinarian. Thank you for reading my blog.

Stone B.

Hi! My name is Stone. I am in fifth grade at Manor Hill and am in PEAK and in challenge I like to play sports and my favorite thing to do is play video games and Webkinz©. I have an iTouch™, a laptop, a wii™, a DS, and a gameboy®. I have two dogs, Daisy a collie, and Shadow a toy poodle. The book that I am currently reading is IQ. I like to read big books, and I have a big reading level for my age. My favorite sport is soccer and I love pestering my sister. My favorite foods are ribs, fried chicken, and sloppy joes. My favorite video game is Final Fantasy™ Grimnore of the Rift A2, of which I am annoyed with because I accidently saved over my best profile. Thank you for reading about me.

Kiley B.

Thanks for looking at my part of the blog. I love reading fairy tale books. Right now I am reading Eragon. When I was younger I hated reading, and sometimes I still hate reading. When I’m not reading I love to write little stories right now I am writing a story about vampires. I also like to ride my bike. I feel I have gotten a lot better at reading I read much more challenging books than I use to. I have read the first two books of the Twilight series. Right now I am into witches and vampires stuff like that. My favorite holiday is Halloween I love dressing up and scaring people. Some books that I would recommend are New moon Twilight The old willows place and Wait till Healen comes. Well I hoped you liked my part of the blog.

Ashli G.

I don’t like to read much but this are some of the books that I like No talking, Friend ship for today, the sisters 8, Dip dark and dangerous, Harry Potter, The garden of eve, Eel and chanted, and Night of the haling dogs. What I like to do away form school is bike riding, dance, and volleyball. I’m looking for word into reading work shop is having more time to are wonderful books. But one thing that I learned is reading is your life. You can learn stuff out your whole life gut by reading. What I like to read is the big one o, baby sitting, vain pear books, and jock books.

Dylan F.

Thanks for taking a look at my blog. I am a fifth grader at Manor Hill, and this is my 5th year being a student. Outside I like to hunt rabbits and squirrel with my dad. I am reading Geronimo stilton I think I’m going to do the whole series, Right now I’m reading Geronimo stilton I’m too fond my fur ,I haven’t got to it yet but it looks great. I love reading books all kinds, my favorite are G.S., theirs an owl in the shower, the book about cars, and the truth about poop. My favorite authors are Andrew Clements, Mary Downing Hahn, and Dean Pitchford. I also like racing books like NASCAR rally cars 4x4 mudding street racing drag racing derby cars monster trucks all kinds figure 8!One more thing I love riding my dritbike.well I hope you have enjoyed my blog.

Spencer G.

Thank you for taking a look at my blog I wrote. In my free time I like to play football, video games, basketball, soccer, baseball, and I like to play with my friends too. I like to read a lot of books but I love to read mysterious books the most. My most favorite book in the whole wide world is ‘’Deep and Dark and Dangerous.’’ I also like reading ‘’Night of the Howling Dogs,’’ and this series that is called ‘’On The Run,’’ by Gordon Korman. I hope you enjoyed my blog intro.

Abbey F.

Hi! Thank you for looking at my blog. I think I’m one of the best readers in the class. Here’s a little something about me as a reader. I love a lot of different kinds of books but, science fiction I like it but I don’t love it. My favorite authors are Mary Downing Hahn, The authors of The Royal diaries, Dean Pitchford. Anyways when I am not reading I love to play softball, basketball and going to play a violin. A couple books I am reading Black Beauty , The Royal Diaries, Wait Till Helen Comes and Deep and dark and dangerous by Mary Downing Hahn! I hope you tell your friends about it! Come look again soon!

Austin F.

Thanks for looking at my blog .I’m a fifth grade student and I been at manor hill since 1’st grade. And I like to read the Lightning Thief series I’m currently reading the 4th book of the series. Outside of school I like to hunt deer, turkey, rabbits, squirrel, doves, and ducks. I also read hunting books and I have a lot of books that look good. I also like trucks and cars books like 4x4 and pickups and monster truck books to. I also read racing books like NASCAR rally cars and derby cars those are my favorite kinds of races. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Brianna M.

I love reading if I can find a good book. I am reading Junie B. Jones because I like her character. I like to read fiction books that are funny, and interesting. I also liked Clementine because her character is like Junie B. Jones. Clementine and her friend colored their hair with marker and Clementine’s friend cut off her hair. Both characters get in trouble at school and home. They are both funny books.

Laini H.

Thanks for taking a look at my section of the blog. I’m in fifth grade in Mr. Eltiste’s class I enjoy scary books like Goose Bumps. I also enjoy Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling (I like the movies tooJ). My all time favorite anther is Mary Downing Hahn I enjoy her books because she wrights ghost stories like What Till Helen Comes and Deep and Dark and Dangerous. My favorite book by her is Wait Till Helen Comes. In my free time I enjoy reading I am reading Harry Potter and The have blooded Prince.

Daniel N.

Hi thanks for looking at my blog. Well I like to read, I like to read R.L Stine books because I like creepy books like Goosebumps. And I also like to play sports. Also I try to get in every reading challenge that I can. But most of the time I don’t pass every reading challenge. But the one I always pass is the mark twain reading challenge. Also I like to read Jeff Kinney books because they are funny books.

Caleb R.

Thanks for taking a look at my section on the blog. I like to read book and play baseball with my friends. The books I like are comic books like Naruto. Naruto is a book about fighting to save their nation. This book is from a series and I have read many of them. Why I like reading Naruto is because Naruto is a fitting book and that’s the books I like. This is my first year on a blog so I really don’t know how to do it. I’ve heard that its fun and I believe them to.

Josh R.

My name is Josh I’m not the best reader the reason why is because I don’t really enjoy reading but some books I like to read. The books I like to read books that let you chose books they usually as 3 story paths but I chose the war ones. The war ones r really cool because you get to chose the battles the battles u want to fight in it’s really AWSOME. And sometimes I read real chapter books I plan to read a lot of Mark Twain books. I love to read PICTURE BOOKS because sometimes I want to take a break from long chapter books. Oh yeah I forgot to tell u I LOVE TO BE FUNNY but usually everybody thinks I’m weird so back on track. I hate very small chapter books I think they shouldn’t be chapter books their WAY to small I hope u agree with me my name is josh and I’m 10 years old and I attend MANOR HILL!

Zoe P.

My name is Zoe. (Obviously). In school I try to work as hard as I can. And always try to complete and turn in my work on time. Outside of school I enjoy sports and hanging out with my friends. My favorite sport happens to be volleyball. I’ve been told that I’m fun, Laid Back, And in generally A cool person to be around. More than love, Reading. Ill Confess. I use to hate reading… Than I discovered there are fairly good books(: I enjoy scary and realistic book’s. My favorite series is Twilight. My favorite book is, Wait Till Helen Comes. Sense I Was Little I have always enjoyed sports and school. I also (Extremely) love camping, and the out door’s. Sometimes I go on camping trips that last a day or two, depending on the Week, day, or month. Other than being outside, I usually write. I have always wanted to be a writer. I think that would be the best thing I could do, “other than Volleyball”. I’m going to try to work on being more descriptive in my writing. I’m pretty good but you can always be better. In reading I’m going to focus on reading “more”. I do like to read but, I don’t read a lot. I barley ever read at home. I have also wanted to be a teacher, considering I like reading and writing so much. Other than School and educational Stuff ‘n’ junk!!! I like to play video games. I find them very entertaining. I go to Manor Hill Elementary, my favorite color is black. And thank you for reading!

Donovan S.

Hi thanks for reading my blog. I like reading history, geography, biographies, and some more I can’t spell. I’m recently reading Miss small is off the wall. It’s really weird because the teacher almost got knocked out the first day.

Isaac S.

Hi this is my blog and I am a fifth grader at Manor Hill. I am 10 years old almost 11. The books I enjoy are fantasy and books about animals. I am currently reading a book called The Dark Hills Divide it`s an awesome book. I also love playing video games and my favorite video game is a video game called Devil may cry. My favorite sport is baseball and volleyball anyway I love reading it`s probably my favorite thing in my classroom. I think readings important but not my life. Lots of other people love reading to and some people just plain hate it and some other people it`s their whole life to read. You can learn stuff from reading and some books are just for fun but I know that if I read a learning book then I’ll get bored out of my life so I like to read books that aren’t learning books. All the books I like are The Dark Hills Divide, The Big One Oh, and the tale of desperaux, and the last one a book called Bone out from bone Ville. The books I want to read are the night of the howling dogs. And that’s all I can think of. Well I hope you enjoyed reading my reading blog.

Taylor S.

Hi! Ok so I’m going to tell you about me. First of all I love to dance. Also I love to talk so you’ll probably see a lot of comments on my blog. I like to read so don’t forget to post comments about books you’re reading. Some of my favorite authors are Mary Downing Hahn, Roland Smith, and Patrick Carmen. Some of my favorite genres are historical fiction, and realistic fiction. Make sure you check my blog!!

Drew W.

I’m not that best reader but I am a good reader. Some of the books I’m reading are Diamond of Dark Hole, and Diary of a wimpy kid. I like to read advancer stories because it usually tells about 2 people. I’d like to improve on spelling.

Mr. Eltiste

Thanks for taking a look at my section of the blog. I am a fifth grade teacher at Manor Hill, and this is my twelfth year of teaching. Outside of school, I love to spend time with my wife Jill, our son Mason, and our daughter Ayla. I also enjoy playing basketball and going on backpacking trips. Sometimes, those trips last for an evening, and sometimes they last for a week. I always enjoy taking a good book to read on those long trips, as there are few things more relaxing than reading a book in the Colorado backcountry while a stream trickles nearby. I haven't a been an avid reader for my whole life. This is something that has just started in the past few years for me. My favorite types of books seem to lean towards books that tell a different side of a story that we are all familiar with. For example, I recently finished reading "Fast Food Nation", a book that takes an educated look at how fast food companies have changed American food and lifestyles. I've also enjoyed reading "A People's History of the United States 1492- Present, " and I'm currently reading "Failed States" by Noam Chomsky. As for kid's books, I love "George's Marvelous Medicine," "Danger In Quicksand Swamp," "Skeleton Creek," and "The Giver."I hope you enjoy reading comments on my secion of the blog.

Other Adults

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Former/Other Students

This section of the Room 44 Reading Blog is just for students. If you consider yourself a “student,” this is the section for you to share information with us about books that you are reading. Don’t worry if you are not a fifth grader, that is okay. Go ahead and share with us what books you are reading and what you think about them.


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